Our vision is to advance and uphold the rights of immigrant communities in the United States. We strive to promote justice, human rights, liberty, and immigration reform.


Our mission is to guide our immigrant clients through the complex immigration system so that they feel supported, protected, and defended.


Attorney Roxana Castaneda has practiced immigration law since 2009. Ms. Castaneda is now serving the Central Valley community in Fresno, California.

As devoted immigrant rights activists and public interest attorney, Mrs. CastaƱeda is passionate about advancing and upholding the rights of immigrant communities in the United States. Mrs. CastaƱeda guides her clients through every step of the immigration process, and provides them support in their time of need.


Here at the Immigration Attorney at Law, we offer premium legal services as well as knowledgeable and experienced attorneys for a price that is affordable to our immigrant clients. We understand that dealing with immigration issues can be extremely difficult on immigrant clients and their families. We work with our clients to provide a payment plan that is affordable and reflective of the type of case undertaken.


As devoted immigrant rights activists, we exclusively practice immigration law and ensure a high quality of service. Our exclusive practice of immigration law enables us to understand the complexities of the immigration system, and to stay up-to-date on this changing area of law. Because of our exclusive practice, we offer knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who are capable of managing complex immigration cases.

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